• Sewage treatment equipment

    System using integrated combination, effectively reduce the space requirements, cover an area of small, low energy consumption, installation is convenient transportation. Equipment high degree of automation, convenient operation, management simple, the treatment effect stability, according to the need, can adjust the dissolved gas dissolved vapor pressure and water reflux ratio. But according to different water quality and technological requirements to provide single or double dissolved vapor device dissolved vapor device.

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  • Air purification equipment

    Air flotation thickening method is to rely on a large number of small bubbles that attach to the suspended sludge particles, reducing the sludge particle density and buoyancy, the sludge particles and water separation method, and oily sewage treatment principle and operating parameters of basically the same.

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  • Water treatment equipment

    Water treatment process selection of work must be in a large number of research data and system on the basis of experimental study carefully, if water treatment technological standard select high

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